About Nancie’s Web

Nancie’s Web is a very simple website providing content and articles submitted and posted by our audience. Nancie’s Web is not an aggregator but rather a community based content site. We take articles that are over 300 words and only from sites with a fairly good backlink profile as we do require a backlink to your article in order for it to be published. The reason for this is that it not only increases the SEO value of our website but it also increases the SEO value of your article.Please view the short info below on how you can submit an article and increase your SEO by taking a few actions after your article is accepted.

  1. Submit your article here
  2. Wait for confirmation it has been published
  3. Add a backlink to the article on your site
  4. Nancie’s Web confirms the backlink
  5. You share the article on social media
  6. Enjoy the benefits of the PR4 backlink to your site

This is a natural and surefire way to increase your SEO. Please keep in mind that should you not share the article on social media or ask your friends to share it, the backlink value will not be strong and will likely not effect your website SEO. The reason for this is you want Google to see social signals to the page that then links back to your site. Google will then take time and credit you with the backlink after it feels that the legitimacy of the link has been confirmed. All of that relies heavily on the social signals as these have been proven to be huge SEO factors for not only your site but actual pages that link to your site.

It may sound a little time consuming, however if you are familiar with backlinking and backlinking strategies in SEO, we have made it extremely easy for you to get a quality backlink for free and we hope that you take advantage of it and are grateful for the effort we put forth on your behalf.